Ensa Machine Bouw

The machine manufacturer for the cigar industry
For high quality machines ensuring stable production and lower production costs, come to us. We supply the best machines worldwide with the highest efficiency and lowest rejection rates. This is what you can expect from us, combined with superb service. And we’ve been doing this for over twenty years.

If you would like to know what we can offer you, get in touch with us, without obligations!




We lead the market thanks to our knowledge, quality and flexibility. Engineering is the heart of our company because we want to stay ahead of the rest. Improving our machines is a continuous process. We will do everything to ensure that your production process is even more flexible and faster.
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With its headquarters in the Netherlands Ensa is the leading supplier of cigar rolling machines in the world (i.e. Europe; Central- and South America and Asia). Ensa has a very strong base in the tobacco industry and is specialized in developing, engineering and construction of cigar making machinery. Another focus point is providing on-site/local service and training for technical as well as operational personnel. Beside building new machines Ensa is specialized in optimizing and overhauling existing cigar machinery. Read more


We understand that problem-free production is essential. We’re able to manufacture every single component ourselves to ensure that all our machines meet our very high quality standards. Each part is given a unique code, so that every component in your process is recognizable, and you can always order the correct item from us.
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FTM has a long and wide experience with using technology developed by third parties since 1866. We always look for the best and more flexible solutions, alongside with good support and training.
Gonçalo Teixeira da Mota | Fábrica de Tabaco Micaelense S.A., Portugal, Read more?
Al bijna 20 jaar hebben wij een uitstekende samenwerking- en verstandhouding met ENSA die de nieuwste “state of the art” bobbineer machines (EBM) levert voor onze productiefaciliteit op Sri Lanka.
B (Bart) Bardyn Sri-Lanka, United Tobacco, Read more?
Las 2 MIRE que hemos adquirido del fabricante ENSA han representado un salto cualitativo respecto de las liadoras que habíamos adquirido hasta la fecha.
Ricardo Nieto | ICT SA, Cuba, Read more?
ENSA opereert in een competitieve markt waarin het belangrijk is voorop te blijven lopen als het gaat om kwaliteit, efficiëntie, productie-output en flexibiliteit.
Wouter Rayeé van Festo, The Netherlands, Read more?
Via ons zusterbedrijf (UTP) in Sri Lanka in contact gekomen met ENSA. De reputatie van kwaliteit en innovatie gingen het contact vooraf, maar werd keer op keer bevestigd in realiteit.
Eduard Bouten | General Manager UTP, Dominican Republic, Read more?
When I think of Ensa, the words that come to my mind are excellence, practical and service minded.
Stefaan Vancolen | President Director Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Indonesia, Read more?
A comienzos del los años 2000 Altadis tomo la decisión de subcontratar la reconstrucción de liadoras, que hasta entonces había venido desarrollando internamente. Tras 16 años de colaboración seguimos confiando en ENSA
Antonio García Benavent | Project Engineering Manager – Cigars, Imperial Tobacco Spain, Read more?
Both ENSA’s MIDE machine as well as the EBM (bobbinizing) machines are very well designed and built. Rolida is very happy with ENSA’s services in all aspects and we are sure that this will even get better once the ENSA satellite in the Dominican Republic is opened.
John Woltman - consultant to Rolida Investments Inc. | Dominican Republic, Read more?
Als deelnemer aan World Trade Center Eindhoven (WTC·E) is de directie van ENSA Machine Bouw actief betrokken in zowel de programma’s over het internationaal ondernemen als innovatie en samenwerking. Voor ENSA is dat common practice.
Lianne van den Boogaard - directeur World Trade Center Eindhoven | “Serving the Southern Netherlands”, Read more
For any company and business, it is required to adapt to the changes in the market but to keep your standards on the same high level on which your reputation was built. We are sure ENSA is ready for now and the future!
Hans Schijfs - Sales Manager | Spikker Specials B.V., Read more



We test all machines before they are shipped to you with your own tobacco. That way, you can be certain that the first, perfect cigar will be coming from the machine at your location in no time.

Whether you are looking for a bobbin machine, a machine to process semi-finished products, a machine which rolls complete cigars or a machine which cuts/perforates double length cigars, we supply it. We can also supply other machines and parts, of course. Don’t hesitate to enquire about what we can offer.
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Research & Development is at the heart of our organisation. We translate market demands into new parts and machines. When the demand into new parts…
If you are looking for a machine which can be used for both low and high volumes, then the MILE is the best solution. The machine is also a good option in…
The MIDE is truly a show-piece. It contains the most recent technology and is, of course, developed and built entirely by us. The MIDE over rolls your…
The MEJE is our bobbinized single leaf cigar overrolling machine. Based on a traditional Arenco frame we have developed this machine with state of the…
Flexibility is what the MIRE is all about. The MIRE can produce a complete cigar, consisting of your loose filler combined with a binder leaf (bunch) and…
To complete your outstanding and high quality (cigar)production process Ensa developed the EC400 (Ensa Cutting line) and EPC 640 (Ensa Perforating Cutting line)…