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To complete your outstanding and high quality (cigar)production process Ensa developed the EC400 (Ensa Cutting line) and EPC 640 (Ensa Perforating Cutting line). Ensa offers a mid-speed cutting line for cutting double or single lengths cigars on a separate machine. Using Ensa’s cutting lines make the last stage of producing your cigar flexible. The possibility to add or dismiss several options ensures this machine will always fit your production demands. Ensa’s EC400 and EPC640 machines are fitted to be used for both single- and double length and have only very small footprint.



Cigars are generally cut to their final length on a stand-alone machine after the necessary “humidity reducing” process to ensure a:

  • better/straighter cut
  • more consistent length due to less shrinkage
  • longer life span of the knives

Ensa cutting line benefits are:

  • simple trim of fire and mouth end (when used for single length)
  • middle cut and both mouth ends (in case of double length)
  • create “length variety” through attaching a fourth cutting knife in order to optimize and simplify the previous overwrapping process
  • standard hopper to be filled with straps or trays as well as a mass tray loader
  • to be supplied with optional perforation unit (simple operation with on/of button)
  • quick remodelling to another format part with few products
  • turning option (mouth ends facing same direction) in one or two rows

Speed of the cutting line:

  • standard general speed of 400 doubles per minute
  • 400 doubles (800 singles) per minute when not perforating
  • 240 doubles (480 singles) per minute when perforating