Martijn, director: “We do everything to ensure that clients’ machines aren’t standing idle more than necessary. We can deliver thousands of parts from stock. And if a part isn’t in stock or no longer for sale? Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our team, we can manufacture every part in-house. Often the same day, if necessary.”


Unique coding of parts

Every Ensa part has a unique code. A simple, but very effective method which ensures that you always order the correct part. We prevent confusion in both our and your warehouse with this standardization, and there are no risks to you, because you’re certain that the part ordered fits and works. You receive extensive documentation with every cigar machine. It contains a detailed description of how the machine is built, which part is located where and what its code is. This means that you know exactly where you should assemble what. It is a powerful method with which we simplify the production and maintenance process. Apart from that, the method ensures fast(er) assembly, and therefore a higher up-time of your machines.