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The MIDE is truly a show-piece. It contains the most recent technology and is, of course, developed and built entirely by us. The MIDE over rolls your tobacco with a natural or homogenised wrapper leaf. The natural leaf is cut on the (bobbin) machine and then accurately placed on the bobbins. You then place the bobbins on the MIDE which unrolls the bobbin and then wraps the bunch (half finished product) in the wrapper leaf. The homogenised wrapper leaf is always cut on the MIDE.



An enormous advantage of this machine is that all models of cigars can be over rolled on it. It doesn’t matter if you produce a few coronas or three double cigarillos, the machine does it all with ease. And it does it really fast, with an output of 210 cigars per minute (105 doubles). But that’s not all. The MIDE, like all our other machines, contains essential parts made of stainless steel, which means you don’t need to worry about them for a lifetime. So regular maintenance is both minimised and simplified. If you would you like to know what other fantastic features the MIDE has, we will be happy to tell you, no obligation.