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Flexibility is what the MIRE is all about. The MIRE can produce a complete cigar, consisting of your loose filler combined with a binder leaf (bunch) and covered with a wrapper leaf. But it makes a double homogenised product, or for instance a 100% natural product, just as easily. The binder leaf and the wrapper leaf can be cut on this machine, or on a separate (bobbin) machine where you use the bobbin for the entire process.



The MIRE has so many advantages, that it is nearly impossible to list them all. We’ll just name a few. For instance, what do you think of the fact that the MIRE can be fed with your tobacco in various ways by means of hoppers, which also can be filled in different ways. The glue pump integrated into this machine is very accurately calibrated. This means smaller margins than you are used to, and not a drop of wasted glue. The glue can be applied in different ways: to the bunch with the ‘binder leaf shoe’, ‘glue hook’ or ‘glue stamp’; when over rolling through the ‘tension plate’, ‘leaf carrier’ or ‘glue hook/glue stamp’. The use of stainless steel means that parts will last a lifetime. Because good, durable quality is the foundation for ENSA.