Harrie van de Ven founded Ensa in 1997. There was a cigar making machine which nobody else dared tackle, but he had the knowledge and ability to overhaul it. “I was already familiar with the machine, and knew I could do it.” Specialist Harrie assembled a driven team of professionals who all had an extensive knowledge of the tobacco industry. Together they overhauled and built many machines. Harries’ son and daughter, Martijn and Margriet, took over the company in 2012.


Stable production with low rejection rates
“We specialise in the development and manufacture of parts and high quality machines for the cigar industry. Our machines ensure stable production with low rejection rates and lower production costs. Operators like working with our machines. “They make it easy, allowing operators to carry out other preparatory work, to keep their workplace clean and to check the quality of the cigar”, Martijn explains.

Always a solution
“Our machines could easily last a hundred years and are seldom standing idle. But if that does happen, we will sort it out”, Margriet adds. “We will get to the bottom of the problem. Because nobody knows these machines as well as we do, and because we know what we’re doing, we can always find a solution. And we can do this really fast!”

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