With its headquarters in the Netherlands Ensa is the leading supplier of cigar rolling machines in the world (i.e. Europe; Central- and South America and Asia). Ensa has a very strong base in the tobacco industry and is specialized in developing, engineering and construction of cigar making machinery. Another focus point is providing on-site/local service and training for technical as well as operational personnel. Beside building new machines Ensa is specialized in optimizing and overhauling existing cigar machinery.


For MIRE/MIDE/MILE Ensa offers the following services:

  • supply of model parts
  • production and supply of new spare parts (according Arenco standards)
  • overhauling/reconditioning of machines
  • development of new (cigar)model parts
  • making machines suitable for production with bobbines
  • speeding up MIR machine to an output of 45 cigars/minute
  • supply of (new) stainless steel rolling devices
  • supply of tray/single loaders (MI/AMF)
  • speeding up bobbinized MID/MIL machinery up to 120 (double length) cigars/minute
  • supply of sheet feeder for binder and wrapper (HTL homogenized tobacco leaf)

Special skills/specialization in overhauling and upgrading of:

  • AMF machinery
  • BKF machinery
  • SWWV machinery
  • Packing machinery

Ensa prides itself on its high quality, knowledge and moreover highly experienced/skilled personnel. It is a well-educated and dedicated team of professionals. The collective knowledge allows ENSA to support customers in many other areas within the tobacco- and related industries.

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