Fábrica de Tabaco Micaelense S.A., Portugal

Gonçalo Teixeira da Mota

FTM has a long and wide experience with using technology developed by third parties since 1866. We always look for the best and more flexible solutions, alongside with good support and training. We found those attributes in ENSA, with whom we established a very professional and kind relation with a very strong and effective collaborative process.

ENSA offers state of the art equipment, which guarantees high quality standards for the end product, low maintenance costs and an effective production process.

B (Bart) Bardyn Sri-Lanka

United Tobacco Processing

It has been almost 20 years already since we started our relationship with ENSA based on excellent co-operation and understanding and providing the latest “state of the art” bobbin machines (EBM) for our production facility in Sri Lanka. But that’s not all! The MIR has been running at our production facility without problems for years now. Soon also the fast MIDE machines will be put into service by the mechanics of ENSA.

In addition, ENSA’s serviceability knows no bounds. Spare parts are always in stock and if there ever is a technical problem, it’s dealt with quickly and effectively through early and detailed investigation. The term perfectionism in this context is no exaggeration. Our production efficiency is very high.

ENSA is a very customer oriented company where besides business aspects also personal attention is “embedded in their genes”. The entire family Van de Ven, from father to children, are proud of what they have achieved. And rightly so, proud they can be!!

ICT SA; Cuba

Ricardo Nieto

The two MIRE that we have purchased from manufacturer ENSA have represented a qualitative leap compared to the rollers we had acquired to date. After having experienced them for a few months, we can confirm that they are robust machines that come with a series of well studied and developed technical improvements representing a clear evolution regarding this type of machinery.

On the other hand would like to emphasize ENSA staff’s professionalism and the support they have provided us from first contact and defining of the project, up to commissioning of the machines in our facilities; where our own technical staff has highlighted the level of qualification and professionalism of ENSA technicians.

WE are very satisfied with the MIREs supplied by ENSA and we expect to buy more units in the near future.

Wouter Rayeé van Festo

Collaborating in the industry:

Being aware of the competitive market, ENSA knows it is important to stay ahead when it comes to quality, efficiency, production output and flexibility. Through close collaboration with Festo, ENSA is able to continuously update its knowledge on latest developments in the field of drives and machine components. This results in the newest and most modern applications for ENSA machines that because of this are able to run optimally and remain sustainable and competitive.

General Manager UTP-DR

Eduard Bouten

We were introduced to ENSA by our sister company (UTP) in Sri Lanka. Their reputation for quality and innovation preceded them and they lived up to it every time again. With an eye for detail and precision, ENSA always thinks along the lines of UTP-Dominican Republic. Always ready to go that extra mile and always there for us with great service.

Stefaan Vancolen | President Director Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Indonesia

When I think of Ensa, the words that come to my mind are excellence, practical and service minded.

Antonio García Benavent
Project Engineering Manager – Cigars
Imperial Tobacco Spain

In the early 2000s, Altadis decided to subcontract the reconstruction of rollers, that up until then they had been developing internally.

There were a number of basic requirements that supplier had to meet in order to be considered:

  • Maintain use of the machines based on the Arenco catalogue adding maximum upgrading and innovating technology.
  • Maintain mechanical, electrical and software related solutions that had been standardized at company level.
  • Achieve maximum productivity with minimum waste and without affecting the quality standard of the rolled cigar.

After a successful pilot experience with the MIR at the Cantabria plant in 2004, we have been increasing our collaboration with ENSA as a roller supplier introducing us to new formats and types of machines, and extending proven solutions to the other plants.

In time, this relationship will allow us to face each project as a challenge for continuous improvement, where it proves essential to maintain a close collaboration from the early stages of the project in order to anticipate possible risks associated with the specific features of each cigar.

After 16 years of collaboration we continue to rely on ENSA, very positively valuing their flexibility to adapt to our needs as well as their technical quality as far as engineering, manufacturing and commissioning is concerned and their commitment to agreed delivery times.

John Woltman – consultant to Rolida Investments Inc. | Dominican Republic

Both ENSA’s MIDE machine as well as the EBM (bobbinizing) machines are very well designed and built. Rolida is very happy with ENSA’s services in all aspects and we are sure that this will even get better once the ENSA satellite in the Dominican Republic is opened.

In our Rolida Dominican Republic production plant we are working to full satisfaction with the MIDE machines of ENSA for both HTL (reconstituted tobacco leaf) and natural wrapper. The ENSA design is of the highest level which can be described as second to none.

Since we’re working with ENSA machines our maintenance activities- and costs have significantly decreased resulting in increased efficiency with minimal downtime in the production process and lower operating costs.

ENSA staff is very open to user input. They’re open to make modifications and improvements. The machines of ENSA arrive in a virtually “ready to run state” and can be installed like “plug and play”. Apart of that ENSA’s technician(s) are highly skilled and provide confidence to our employees.

Last but not least we would like to mention the EBM machines we are using in our bobbinizing department. Besides the fact that the EBM’s are sturdy, well-built and designed they are very silent when operating, use less energy and moreover are safe for our employees. An additional significant revenue comes from the yield of our bobbines which is much higher caused by evenly distributed tension to the core of the bobbin. We are sure the life time of the EBM will last for a long time.

Spare parts delivery lead-times are good, and will even improve once ENSA opens their satellite company in the Dominican Republic.

Lianne van den Boogaard – directeur World Trade Center Eindhoven | “Serving the Southern Netherlands”

World Trade Center Eindhoven (WTC·E) finds management of ENSA Machine Bouw to be a party that is actively involved whether it concerns programmes on international business, innovation or collaboration. This is common practice for ENSA.

They play a unifying role bringing together traditional businesses and innovative start-ups and designers.

WTC·E is affiliated with the World Trade Centers Association and therefore one of the 300 WTCs spread over 100 countries across the world. Together they form an active entrepreneurial community connecting 750,000 businesses worldwide.

Hans Schijfs – Sales Manager | Spikker Specials B.V.

For already quite some years, we know ENSA as a company with the same values as ours. A focus on quality, real customer service, based on technical knowhow and the never ending drive to improve!

As both partners for the Tobacco Industry, we could start a cooperation with ENSA for specific projects and add more value with our and service as a part of ENSA’s project. This cooperation went well with certainly more to follow in the future.

As for any company and business it is required to adapt to the changes in the market but to keep your standards on the same high level on which your reputation was built. We are sure ENSA is ready for now and the future!