Ensa Machine Bouw

With a prolonged history in cigar manufacturing and engineering (machinebouw in Dutch), we are highly specialized in developing, optimizing and overhauling various machinery for the cigar producing industry. We serve customers all over the world with a focus on Western Europe, North and Central America and Southeast Asia. Due to our knowledge, quality and flexibility, we are Europe’s main supplier of industrial cigar rolling machines. In addition, we’re also fully equipped to develop, overhaul and maintain machinery operating in other industries.



Research & Development is the cork on which Ensa floats. By using the best software and equipment available, we are continuously improving the efficiency, speed and quality of our machines.

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We are fully certified and equipped to manufacture high quality machines, including all necessary spare parts. We’ve got machinery in all fields and are able to produce any part in-house.

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Before we install your machinery, we fully assemble and test it under our own roof. In house from the first to the last screw. Our standard? Nothing less than the highest possible precision!

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